Just to be clear, I am a Christian. This is my story…

Like many people, I went before my church when I was a young teenager and proclaimed my belief in Jesus, his life, death and resurrection. Also like many people, I thought once I was baptised (fully dunked) that was it and I could live my life the way I wanted because I was saved. Unfortunately, that life became more about the world than it did God. →

I began to party a lot. Drinking, drugs and I led a wicked lifestyle. I separated myself from God and I became more miserable and unhappy with myself. ↓

Finally I met a wonderful woman who agreed to be my wife, and in 1987, we got married. I began to change my life for the better, but I had a long way to go. I stopped drinking (I had already stopped drugs), we moved from the town that had become a toxic environment for me and started our life together. Things were looking up, but I was still separated from my Lord and Saviour. ↓

Finally, after a lot of years, hard lessons, and a bunch of back sliding, I found myself on the long road back to Jesus. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God were instrumental in helping me find what I searched for. My wife, family, many good pastors along the way and a TON of prayers (some from people I never even knew) helped me on my road to recovery. I have lost so much time, but the rest of my life belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope the posts in this blog section of my site will encourage you to seek the Way, the Truth and the Life which is Jesus Christ because nobody comes to the Father unless they believe in Him.