God Does Not Think As We Do

This comes from the book:  “Reclaiming the Lost Art of Biblical Meditation” by Robert J. Morgan

God does not think as we do.

God cannot learn anything new, and He can never misunderstand.  Nothing in Heaven escapes His notice, nor is anything on earth beyond His knowledge.  His mind is never overwhelmed by the largest mystery, and it never overlooks the tiniest molecule.

God knows the temperature of every star, the composition of every planet, the size of every galaxy, and the course of every comet.

He knows the shape of each snowflake and the design of every seashell.  He understands the mysteries of the depths below and the heights above.  He knows what lies beyond the galaxies and beyond the grave.

His wisdom is as high as the heavens, as deep as the oceans, as broad as the cosmos, and as long as eternity.

His thoughts are not our thoughts.

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